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Heater Problems on 02 Galant GTZ

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I know Mitsubishis are notorious for heater problems, but actually mine
works...almost. My problem is I need to know how to get
to/repair/replace the flapper door that allows the hot air from the
heater core to get into the passenger compartment. The heater works
fine, but this flapper door gets stuck and won't allow the warm toasty
air to get in. It does work intermittently and not consistently at all,
but when it does everything's great. I'm guessing I should be able to
get through to this door by going through the dash, but before I start
taking my car apart I'd like to have a basic geography of what I need
to look for. I've got a Haynes manual and wouldn't you know
describes what I need to find with a single sentence and no pictures.

Any help from this forum or others would be infinitely appreciated.


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